Past shows (selection)

Here is a selection of some of the shows we have played over the last little while…

2018-03-17 Oxford Mills                  Brigadoon Restaurant

2018-01-25 Oxford Mills                 Brigadoon Restaurant

2017-09-16 Merrickville                  Private Event

2017-08-20 Grates Cove, NL           Grates Cove Studio, Fundraiser

2017-08-19 St John’s, NL                 Element Coffee Bar

2017-08-19 St John’s, NL                 Farmers’ Market

2017-08-18 Port Rexton, NL          Two Whales Coffee

2017-08-17 Corner Brook, NL       Swirsky’s

2017-08-15 As sea, NL                     Impromptu show and dance on board MV Blue Puttees

2017-08-14 Sydney, NS                   The Old Triangle

2017-08-13 St Peters, NS                The Bras d’Or Lakes Inn

2017-08-13 Mabou, NS                  Farmers’ Market

2017-08-12 Halifax, NS                  The Old Triangle

2017-08-11 Halifax, NS                  The Old Triangle

2017-08-10 Miramichi, NB            O’Donoughue’s

2017-07-29 Perth                             Steampunk/Fairy Party

2017-07-28 South Frontenac        Wintergreen Studios Fundraising Concert

2017-07-12 Ottawa                          Pressed (with Monique Barry)

2017-07-09 Almonte                        CeltFest

2017-07-09 Osgoode                        Medieval Fayre

2017-07-08 Osgoode                        Medieval Fayre

2017-07-01 Curran                          Music in the Pines

2017-06-25 Kemptville                   Kemptville Farmers’ Market

2017-06-10 Mansfield                     Wic-can Fest

2017-06-03 Ottawa                          Stairwell Caroller’s Concert (as guests)

2017-06-03 North Gower               Farmers’ Market

2017-05-20 Arnprior                      It was Peggy’s Birthday!

2017-05-20 North Gower               Opening Day, Farmers’ Market

2017-05-13 Pembroke                    Brimstone & Belladonna’s 7th Anniversary Celebration

2017-05-06 South Frontenac        Wintergreen Studios

2017-04-23 Kemptville                  Sustainability Fair

2017-04-19 Ottawa                        Pressed Cafe

2017-03-26 Osgoode                      Osgoode Care Centre

2017-03-25 Merrickville               Fundraising Concert

2017-03-17 Oxford Mills               The Brigadoon Restaurant

2017-03-16 Toronto                        Free Times Cafe (with Sonja Seiler)

2017-03-15 Guelph                         The Cornerstone (with Azalea)

2017-03-13 Peterborough            The Spill

2017-02-18 Bishops Mills           House Concert

2017-02-12 Hallville                    Sweetheart Sing-along

2017-01-25 Oxford Mills              The Brigadoon (Burn’s Night)

2016-11-26 Winchester                Dundas Manor

2016-11-25 Ottawa                        The Dance Exchange

2016-10-02 Burritt’s Rapids      Festival of Small Halls

2016-10-01 Finch                           Fundraising Concert

2016-09-24 Newmanville           Harvest Goat Festival

2016-09-24 Kemptville                Doors Open North Grenville

2016-09-18 Kemptville                 Literary Follies

2016-09-10 Oxford Station          Blue Gypsy Wines Fundraiser

2016-08-19 Vancouver, BC          Trees Organic (with DanahKae)

2016-08-17 Duncan, BC               Showroom Productions (with DanahKae)

2016-08-11 Nelson, BC                 The Royal on Baker

2016-08-10 Twin Butte, AB         General Store

2016-08-06 Winnipeg, MB          Joe Black Coffee

2016-08-06 Winnipeg, MB          St Norbert’s Farmers’ Market

2016-08-05 Winnipeg, MB          Studio Central

2016-08-04 Kenora                       Anicinabe Park, bandshell fundraiser

2016-08-02 Richards Landing   Just Passing Through

2016-07-27 Raven’s Knoll          Kaleidoscope Gathering

2016-07-23 Thurso, QC                Verger Croque-Pomme

2016-07-17 Kemptville                Farmers’ Market

2016-07-16 Carleton Place         Private Event

2016-07-16 North Gower            Farmers’ Market

2016-07-12 Cornwall                    Arts in the Park Series

2016-07-09/10 Osgoode              Osgoode Medieval Fayre

2016-07-06 Kemptville               Farmers’ Market

2016-07-02 Curran                       Music in the Pines 2016

2016-07-01 Kemptville                Canada Day in Riverside Park

2016-07-01 Oxford Mills             Canada Day in Maplewood Park

2016 -06-26 Carp                           Herb Fest

2016-06-25 Perth                           Kilt Run

2016-06-18 Ottawa                       Main Street Farmers’ Market

2016-06-12 Kemptville                Farmers’ Market

2016-06-11 Perth                           Steampunk/Faerie Tea

2016-06-11 North Gower             Farmers’ Market

2016-06-04 Richmond                 Fundraiser for Syrian family

2016-05-28 Ottawa                       Tunes After Noon series

2016-05-21 Kemptville                Private show

2016-05-10 Ottawa                       Pressed Cafe

2016-04-29 Ottawa                      House Concert

2016-04-17 Kemptville               North Grenville Sustainability Fair

2016-04-16 Kemptville               the branch restaurant

2016-03-17 Oxford Mills              The Brigadoon

2016-02-19 Picton                         The Acoustic Grill

2016-02-14  Montreal , QC          Casa de Popolo

2016-02-13  Montreal, QC            Studio Alkemy

2016-02-12  Pierrefonds, QC        Side Door Coffee House

2016 -02-25 Oxford Mills              The Brigadoon

2016-01-24  Kemptville                 Crusty Baker – Burns Lunch

2016-01-23  Bishops Mills             House Concert – Victor & Linda Desroches

2015-12-31  Kemptville                   the branch restaurant

2015-12-04  Kemptville                  the branch restaurant

2015-11-20  Morrisburg                  Tilted Steeple Coffee House

2015-10-19  Brockville                     Buds in the Bay

2015-10-10  Oxford Mills                Goat Festival

2015-09-18  Ottawa                          Marvest, CityFolk

2015-08-22  Thurso, QC                  Verger Croque-Pomme

2015-08-15  Montpelier, QC           The Cottage Party

2015-08-11  Oxford Mills                 Theatre in the Park

2015-08-09  Kemptville                  Farmers Market

2015-08-07  Ottawa                          CKCU-FM, Window of Opportunity

2015-07-29  Raven’s Knoll             Kaleidoscope Gathering

2015-07-26  Kemptville                   Farmers’ Market

2015-07-22  Ottawa                           Pressed

2015-07-12  Osgoode                         Osgoode Medieval Fayre

2015-07-02  Curran                          Music In the Pines

2015-07-01  Oxford Mills                Canada Day in Oxford Mills

2015-06-27  Ottawa                          Avant Garde

2015-06-20  Perth                             Kilt Run

2015-06-14  Perth                             Steampunk Faerie Tea

2015-06-12  Kemptville                  Crusty Baker

2015-06-06  Ottawa                         Tunes After Noon

2015-05-02  Kemptville                  St John’s Fundraiser

2015-04-26  Kemptville                  Sustainability Fair

2015-04-19  Malakoff                       Hunter’s Gathering

2015-04-19  Kemptville                   Leslie Hall- Treeplanters Ball

2015-04-12  Ottawa                           The Rainbow Bistro

2015-04-03  Montréal, QC               Café Arterre

2015-03-28  Bishops Mills               Community Hall

2015-03-18  Ottawa                            Pressed Cafe

2015-03-17  Oxford Mills                  Brigadoon (St Patrick’s)

2015-03-15  Kemptville                     St Patrick’s Open Stage, Branch

2015-03-01  Kemptville                     Literary Follies

2015-02-15  Kemptville                     Drummers’ Fundraiser

2015-02-07  Kemptville                    Fundraiser, Anglican Church

2015-01-31  Montreal                         Festival Nomade

2015-01-31  Montreal                         Le Dépanneur Cafe

2015-01-25  Kemptville                     Crusty Baker (Burns)