Photo by Mike+Ness

Glenna Hunter

(Violin, cello, vocals)

Born into a musical family, Glenna inherited her love of celtic music from her dad, pianist and tipper maker Jim Hunter, and studied fiddle with the incomparable Denis Lanctôt. Singing on stage with Stan Rogers at age 4 was Glenna’s introduction to the world of performing. While earning her degree in Psychology, Glenna enjoyed playing in an Early music ensemble. Once her daughter, Ursa, was old enough to hold a fiddle, the mother and daughter duo returned to celtic roots, becoming founding members of the Maplewood Ceilidh Band. As well as adding ‘cello to her list of accomplishments, Glenna has embraced the challenge of learning new languages and time signatures with Fiddlehead Soup, getting what most mothers can only dream of: sharing genuine quality time with her daughter, doing something they both love.


Photo by Mike+Ness

Ursa Meyer

(Violin, viola, piano, harp, vocals)

Ursa brings her youthful vitality and considerable musical prowess to the stage. She is equally at ease burning through blistering reels on the fiddle, blending in with vocal harmonies, or playing backup on the keyboard. Although young, she is already very familiar with the stage, having performed since the age of nine in a wide variety of genres, from classical to Celtic to Klezmer. She has performed with Stellae Boreales, the Maplewood Ceilidh Band, the Cadenza String Quartet and was the principal violist with the Ottawa Youth Orchestra. Ursa was selected to take part in the National Arts Centre Young Artist Program. She graduated from Canterbury High School, where she was in the Arts Canterbury string program.  She is now attending Ottawa University studying Performance Viola and she is also Principal Violist of the Ottawa Pops Orchestra. As well as performing with Fiddlehead Soup, of course!


Photo by Mike+Ness

Doug Hendry

(12-string guitar, cittern, vocals)

Since the age of four Doug has been drawn to entertaining crowds with his musical talent, beginning by singing with a choir in his native Scotland. As a teenager, the 12 string guitar beckoned and he made his way playing street corners and folk clubs throughout Britain and Europe. Doug emigrated to Canada in 1991 and played regularly in various bands. Doug is now involved in numerous local folk and acoustic (and some not-so-acoustic) ensembles in Eastern Ontario and has been known to encourage total strangers to dance together by calling at renaissance and ceilidh dances. With his trademark Hagstrom 12-string guitar lending itself to diverse genres from folk to country to celtic and medieval music, the addition of the cittern to his musical repertoire blends perfectly with the international flavour and timeless scope of Fiddlehead Soup.

Occasional members and musical collaborators (the “Soupettes”):

Photo by Gilles Coughlin

Jason “Ja” Sonier:

Musician, technical wizard, all-round-good-person, we are delighted to have Ja contribute to our sound both in live performance and on recordings. His contributions include flute, percussion of all types, bass and witty repartee.


Anant Maheshwari: A fellow student of Ursa’s, Anant is himself a fine violin player and has performed tabla with Fiddlehead Soup both in concert and on their first CD.

Jim Hunter: A fine pianist and maker of the famous Hunter Tipper, Jim also happens to be Glenna’s father and Ursa’s grandfather. He has performed live with Fiddlehead Soup and also appears on their second CD.

Stephen Fuller: As well as being involved in a myriad of interesting projects, Stephen is a dedicated player of the kora and has contributed to Fiddlehead Soup’s second CD and performed live with them.